Who we are


Black River is a paranormal group that brings scientific thinking into our investigations.  We do not consider all places haunted, 90% of all paranormal activity can be dismissed through investigation of the claims.  Our founding members have both had personal paranormal experiences while growing up which led to their interest in the paranormal.

If you are experiencing paranormal activity and are considering having a paranormal group conduct an investigation at your residence, business or property, completely research the group you are considering.  Never contact a group that charges for their services, it should always be free.  You are the client, if you don't feel comfortable with what the group is doing tell them to stop or make them leave.  Some groups are only in it for the evidence and not the client.

Be careful of people claiming to have degrees in "paranormal studies", there are no accredited colleges that currently offer this.

If you would like to schedule an investigation please click on the Schedule Investigation link on our menu, another window will open and there is an e-mail form you can fill out and send to us.

Currently we do not have any other investigating groups associated with us, if you have someone claiming to be part of Black River Paranormal and their profiles are not present on our profiles page or a link to their website on our web links page they do not belong to our group or are associated with us.

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